Is Curb Appeal Really Important?

Curb Appeal matters.  But what is it really?

Curb Appeal is the ‘bundle’ of small touches that create the image of ‘the perfect home’ as they see a home from a distance.

  • Is the lawn manicured or is it weedy?
  • Is the street number visable?
  • What condition is the siding and roof (color, type)?
  • Colors of siding, shutters.
  • Landscaping – formal or not, condition of vegetation (trees, bushes, plants, grass)
  • Type of pavers, paving, driveways, walkways.
  • Type and condition of mailbox (if applicable).
  • How is the lighting?

You are looking to make the presence look newer, cared for, maintained, fresh.  The goal is to entice ‘lookers’ to take the next step and want to come in and look.  Or to envision themselves there.

If you are selling your home (or renting), curb appeal matters.  Spend some time primping and cleaning up the outside.

Now might be the time to prune back some bushes, clear some weeds, put in some bulbs and plants so there’s time for growth before listing your home.

Your real estate partner can help you determine where to best put your time and money, but curb appeal matters to the success and speed of your home sale.

Pay attention to the small things.  Outdoor lighting, landscaping, door entryway, house numbers.  Small things mean a lot.

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