Sometimes, buying a house is not the best option in the moment.  Maybe you have a new job, or a new life situation, and renting is the best option.  You may not have the time to do an extensive search to find just the right place for your budget.  I meet with you to discuss what you are looking for, your budget, and find you options you didn’t know existed.


I work with Landlords to represent their properties from individuals looking to rent vs. sell, and to community landlords assisting with finding the right tenants.  I also work with individuals looking for temporary housing for work situations, relocation, etc. Whether whole house rentals or apartment communities, I’ve got you covered.

As a future tenant, looking to rent can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are new to the area. I take the time to work with you to understand your timeline, budget, and requirements. From there, I scour the area and come up with plenty of possibilities for you, then help you through the rental process.  Don’t go through the rental process alone – let me assist!

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Finding the perfect tenant can be difficult.  Let me help you with the process. Contact me for help with your property.


Don't just take my word for it, see what other happy clients have to say.

Maryann listened to what I wanted and helped me understand the Norwalk area market. She kept looking with me to find the right place and then she negotiated and handled details – even helping me remember what needed to be done. Always on-time and professional.


Maryann Bruno is the realtor that everyone needs. I have been working with Maryann for the past several months on purchasing my first property. I find that Maryann is an asset to have as she looks out for my best interests and goes the extra mile to do what is best for me. She wears many hats-  1) The Realtor- She is able to help one look at a property and critically assess its true value, 2) The Psychologist, and 3) The Financier. Maryann, is able to sit down and help me dissect the truth behind the numbers.

Dr. Gildade

Maryann was wonderful to work with in our house hunt. She was responsive and prompt, as well as being very helpful and kind. I recommend her to anyone looking for an agent in the area! She helped me rent a single family home.

Leahla Porte

You can’t go wrong with Maryann! What makes her unique is her background in finance. She took me through an extensive analysis of local properties and what they’re really worth to negotiate. She got to know me and my home buying needs, and guided me every step of the way. She has great connections  in the industry from lawyers to mortgage brokers, and assisted me when needed. Maryann, THANK YOU. You were a pleasure to work with.


In June 2018 my house was struck by lightening and my whole world turned upside down. Maryann immediately helped us with properties, assisted us with credit reports and other documents we would need to view in order to rent a house. Our circumstances also required some unique particulars. Maryann’s patience was formidable as our search went on. When we finally found the perfect house, she negotiated the lease. She also worked with us and the home owner after the lease was signed documenting certain specifics to protect all parties involved. Maryann has integrity, she is highly competent and her kindness really makes her a top notch realtor, I am beyond grateful to have met and done business with Maryann Bruno, and I highly recommend her for all your realtor needs.

G. Hawke

Maryann is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the local area. She invests the time and energy to understand your needs and to ensure you understand every step of the process. She then works tirelessly to ensure you are satisfied.


Let me help you find your next rental! Whether an apartment or a whole home, I can get you settled faster.

Call me:  203-354-7003