Does Lighting Matter?

Lighting really does matter when it comes to your home.  Both for you as you move into a new home to make it your own, and as a seller when you want to play up the features of your home.

When selling a home, your lighting features reflect upon you and entice the prospective buyer further into your home, letting them know they ‘are welcome’.  Newer lighting fixtures send positive messages about you as home owner, while allowing them to feel ‘lighter’ sending a positive vibe. As you will read in the Staging Your Home post, lighting is an important element.

When you purchase a home, adding to the existing lighting elements adds your personal flair and enables you to connect quicker with the new house, making it more your home.

Attention to detail with lighting across your home can have a dramatic effect.  How have you used lighting to create vignettes, or welcoming, relaxing spaces?

Even warm, earthy spaces can be impacted by the right lighting.

While contemporary lighting all across the house may not appeal to all potential buyers of your home, or to you as a buyer looking at homes, select pieces in strategic places does have appeal.

As a buyer walking through a home with poor or outdated lighting, just bring the following along with you when you visit homes:  a lighting brochure or magazine with all the latest in it, a paint sample packet, and tape measure. When you have that lighting brochure, it helps you better imagine yourself in that space, and feeds your creativity of what you can do with the room.

We all know lighting is important in photography, in film and theater, and even with those selfies you take.  So imagine how important the right lighting is in your home to make you feel comfortable, groggy, on edge, creative, and connected. When you’re walking through homes as a buyer or renter, pay attention to what the right lighting can do for a place if it doesn’t exist.

As a seller think about you can improve your re-sale value with the right investment in lighting.

Tell us in the comments what you do with lighting or how it impacts you.  Go to our facebook and instagram pages to share your creative lighting pictures!

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